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Tuamuda, was born in 2016, with a clear idea that had been gradually perfecting and progressing in a creation of a company in July 2017: TUAMUDA, S.L. Its main idea was following few simple phrases which have given us the way of reflecting like: “the enthusiasm moves the world".

The company was cretaed by an indonesian and a spanish with its main object is  trying to help people in taking care of the planet. Always thinking in GREEN, seeing the possibility of giving energies, light to those place which are not covered through Solar and auto-consumption of Solar systems. This was the main objective, thinking to those who are not enjoying light caused by no electricity reds and/or having them but in a very bad condition.

We started to work based on these premises, contacting solar lamp manufacturers as for voltaic plates, wind turbines and so on all with an idea of taking advantages from solar energy.  We have seen a lot of possibilities and with high desires to start working. Absolutely cant start it quickly as it was desired cause of capital lacks but we continue having the same desires as it was said in a special phrase by FERNANDO PESSOA, “everything is worth if the heart is not small” or “TODO VALE LA PENA SI EL ALMA NO ES PEQUEÑA” in its spanish translation. Here we are!!

We were thinking on how to help making a better economic relationship between both countries, colaborating with people and we found out that “TRYING IS POWER”. So we decided to make   import and export of handicrafts, ecological products made and painted manually always with the philosophy of trying to preserve the nature. We have tried to find no toxic products  nir chemicals as mosquitos, animals and insects repellers which are working by ultrasonic system.

In this step and as it was said to help making a better life of people and trying to make a better world, we hope to start put these seeds on sands and  finding them out. WE WILL TRY TO HELP MAKING A BETTER LIFE AND IT IS OUR MAIN MOTTO TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.